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The intelligent RokLUME 280N SMART significantly enhances operator safety, health and productivity for the toughest industries in the world: mining, construction sites and forestry.

With its smart features, the work lamp allows individual light settings and adjustments to ensure the right illumination in various conditions and applications. Thanks to the easy setup, vehicles can be upgraded to incorporate this intelligent system in no time. Additional functions like anti-theft protection and lifetime warning provide even more operator safety, health and productivity.

Change brightness

for perfect lighting.

Optimize the brightness level to match the current lighting conditions or use the daytime running light function. This not only helps to avoid self-glaring but also reduces power consumption and CO2 emissions.

Improved visibility at:

Change colour temperature

for specific situations.

Switch between warm white and cold white colour temperatures. This enables fatigue-free work and can increase visibility in many different situations.

Improved visibility due to:

Change colour

for different conditions.

Change the light colour to either green or amber, depending on the variant. Experience shows that visibility in dusty, foggy, rainy or snowy conditions can be significantly improved by the light colours green and amber.

Improved visibility with:
RokLUME 280N SMART product set inkluding two work lamps, one Gateway and one control panel

Easy setup

for every vehicle.

Replace conventional work lamps with the intelligent RokLUME 280N SMART in no time at all. Powerline communication (PLC) enables the control unit (Gateway) to communicate with the work lamps via the existing harness without interference. As the existing wiring harnesses and circuits are used and the intelligent work lamp has the same dimensions as standard RokLUME 280N, the vehicle architecture does not need to be modified.

Additional features

Anti-theft protection

When activated, the work lamp remains non- functional on a machine without a Gateway. When not activated, it provides only white light without SMART options.

Lifetime Warning

The system warns in time before a work lamp will be operated with limited light output due to its advanced age, which prevents unplanned downtime.

Memory function

Provides additional comfort by storing up to three individual lighting settings.


With activated keylock the work lamps can only be operated with the stored light settings of the memory function, to prevent unauthorized setting changes.

Cornering Light Feature

With Gateway Prime, the vehicle can also be equipped with a cornering light function.

RokLUME 280N SMART work lamp on black background
6 illuminations
– 40°C to + 90°C
Up to 3,500 lm
Max. 57 W
24 V

Control Options

The RokLUME 280N SMART can be operated easily and quickly by controlling it via the Human Machine Interface (HMI) in the vehicle or the Control Panel. The Gateway uses the CAN Bus J1939 protocol for communication with the Control Panel or the customer HMI.

Choose architecture:

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